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Breville Juicer Review

Breville Juice Fountain Stainless SteelOverview

There are at least seven models available of the Breville Juicer brands ranging in price from $100-$400. This is considered a centrifugal type juicer, meaning it shreds and spins hard or soft fruits through a grating disk mechanism. Their juice extractors and fountain line is priced from $60-$500.

Juicer Features

Here are the advertised features of this juicer:

  • Exceptionally wide chute to feed the vegetables and fruits through.
  • Speed is controlled through a dial pointing to soft or hard fruits. Slower speeds are required for soft fruits and higher speeds for harder fruits.
  • Designed for easy cleaning. Rounded parts that are smooth prevent food from being trapped. Cleaning brush is included.
  • External pulp ejection via an external basket that allows for easier disposal.
  • Filter is made of micromesh. This is helpful because the surface area between the fruit and cup is reduced.
  • Froojie Disc is a soft fruit attachment that purees fruits into fine pulp perfect for fruit smoothies.
  • Special blending mechanism turns juice into smoothies.

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Unlike other juice brands that are centrifugal juicers, Breville does offer one masticating juicer that crushes thick foods for a drink that is rich in fiber, 240 watts, and 80 rpms, using an auger mechanism. All the other juicers use higher wattage and rpms with grating disks.

Technical Specs

The micromesh is made in Italy and credited with 40,000 pores that extract 30% more juice from the fruits and vegetables. Advanced blending capacity through its Hemisphere Blade and Bowl technology.

Our Review


The Pulp Catcher being all in one unit is more convenient than some of its competitors, like the Jack LaLanne Juicer. Since it is very powerful this juicer stands up to hard produce like carrots. You don’t have to use a tool to release the basket, like the aforementioned and some other brands. The power also guarantees longer lasting juice, when being used once a week or more. The feed tube is large enough to hold whole carrots and apples without cutting them up. Since the pulp is dry, that means it is sufficiently squeezing almost all of the juice out.


What can be considered a positive, the powerful element, can also be a negative, because if the pusher is not secured on top, food can shoot up to the ceiling. Not much fun to have to clean that mess up.

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