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Champion Commercial Juicer Review

Champion Juicer ReviewOverview

When Champion Juicers are described as commercial grade, it is no exaggeration. They definitely present themselves as a very heavy duty, commercial type juicing machine. They brag on their juicers being made in America. Their pricing range is in the mid $200 range, so it is within the possibility of most people’s budget, even if they have to save up for it.

Juicer Features

Here are features of the Champion Commercial Juicers:

  • You do not have to pre-cut vegetables because the feeding chamber is extra large.
  • This is a multi-purpose juicer with masticating power to pulverize leafy greens and vegetables.
  • You can use it to make fruit smoothies, baby food, nut butters, ice cream, and sherbet.
  • There is even a mill attachment for flour and grains.
  • Champion produces juicers with quiet motors.
  • Resistance to food odor and stains result from the stainless steel craftsmanship.
  • There is a 10-year limited warranty on this juicer.
  • Juice pigment is deeper and darker, also tastes sweeter. Full-bodied taste.
  • Recipe books and replacement parts are available online.
  • Attachments specifically created for greens are also an option.
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Technical Specs

  • The heavy-duty front and rear ball bearings provide smooth 1725 RPMs, along with 1/3 HP, 110/220 Volts and 50-60 HZ.
  • The motor is 540 Watts.
  • A floating cutter does the work to separate pulp from juice.
  • Stainless steel construction resists normal wear and tear like rust, tarnishing, separating, or twisting.

Our Review

This juicer is easy to feed pulp back through the unit to get more juice from it. When you can use one machine to make other foods like smoothies you usually feel like you got more bang for your buck. A small strainer comes with this machine that can be cleaned in a minute and the other 8 parts are also simple to clean.

Juice can get hot after continued use. The blades tend to wear out in under a year of use. Problems with repeated leakage caused by an improperly fitted screen, even with a replacement should not occur, even with a juicer in this less expensive price point. Also, since the feed tube is narrow, it requires extra time be taken up to dice the vegetables into smaller pieces. This is an extra step not necessary on more expensive juicers. Despite the claims, a lot of juice is wasted because of how much pulp is left before it gets to the grinder.

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