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Is Juice Fasting The Right Choice For You?

Green Juice FastWhile juice fasting is becoming more popular there are some aspects of the process that can disqualify people. You have to study the pros and cons of this type of fasting in order to determine if it is right for you. [READ: The Secrets To Successful Raw Juice Fasting]

The Process Of Juice Fasting

When you speak of juice, most people picture the sugar-filled fruit juices sold in stores. Drinks such as grape, apple, blueberry, and pomegranate fill grocery stores, averaging 14-24 grams of sugar. Juice fasting is the process of taking whole or cut-up fruits and vegetables, placing them in juicing equipment until pulverized into a blended beverage. Initially the mixtures will taste strange, because your palate is used to sugar added to regular drinks. Most people have no idea the real taste of foods, because everything is processed. [READ: The Top 5 Best Juicers On The Market]

Since consuming the daily allowance of recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables is difficult in our busy society, juicing is the perfect alternative. Juice fasting occurs when no other substantive food is eaten. Only drinking prepared natural juices and water over a prescribed number of days is allowed. This type of fasting allows you to get the proper nutrients in a manner that is absorbed by the body more efficiently than whole fruits and vegetables. [READ: How To Juice]

Determining If You Are A Good Candidate For Juice Fasting

A note of caution: if you are pregnant or nursing a baby, diabetic, have kidney or liver issues, or any chronic disease, you must consult with your physician before beginning any juice fast. Since this is a very stark contrast to how you have been eating your entire life, juice fasting is not to be taken lightly. Conducting detailed research on the pros and cons involved in this process is imperative to determining whether you should try this or not. [READ: 3 Simple Juicing Recipes For The Beginner]

Asking yourself vital questions such as, are you capable of being disciplined enough to deal with the side effects of fatigue and headaches that occur in the beginning of juice fasting? Can you keep a list of how many calories are in each juice container? Or can you maintain the amount of necessary produce at each meal to keep your energy levels up? Are you able to give yourself the necessary enema to rid yourself of waste due to the lack of fiber in your diet? You must perform an honest self-assessment to determine if juice fasting is right for you. One alternative would be to give it a try it on a weekend to see if you can make this process a lifelong habit.

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