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Jack LaLanne Juicer Review

Jack LaLanne's Power JuicerOverview

The Jack LaLanne juicer has been around for many years and is named after the Father of Fitness, the late Jack LaLanne. After having had a successful 34-year television fitness program, LaLanne in his later years took to juicing. He and his wife Elaine wanted to share the benefits with the masses, so they developed this juicer.

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Juicer Features

The Jack LaLanne Juicer sets itself apart from other juicers by its claim that people bypass chopping up fruits and vegetables first. It accommodates larger fruits and vegetables than some machines and produces 30% more juice than other machines. Pulp is not wasted. Since dry when juiced, you can use the pulp to make recipes included in their materials, like salsa and carrot cakes. For those new to juicing, they will find helpful recipe books, with this machine. There is another book included that has a comprehensive list of fruits and vegetables ideal for juicing, more challenging to juice, and lists the large juice content of foods.

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These Juicers are available in black, white, and stainless steel to match other kitchen appliances. Different models include:

  • Power Juicer Classic
  • Power Juicer Pro
  • Power Juicer Deluxe
  • Power Juicer Deluxe Express

Heavy-duty models fit in large kitchens and the express models are more appropriate for apartments and condos with limited counter space. One distinct feature is a non-drip spout that conveniently can be pushed upward after the glass is full.

Technical Specs

This juicer is a combination of surgical steel blades with 3,600 PRM inductions. It is touted as being extremely quiet. It has a patented extraction technology designed to produce more juice.

Our Review Pros and Cons


Fortunately the motor is covered by a lifetime warranty. Compared to most juicers this size, it is priced moderately, between $89-$120, depending on if it is on sale. The manuals are chock full of photos, with detailed explanations of how to assemble and disassemble, empty the pulp collector, and even tips on which fruits are most beneficial to juicing. Troubleshooting problems with solutions are also helpful.


If you hope to add foods like bananas, avocados, or coconut, you are out of luck. Whole fruits with pits like peaches must be removed, before placing in the chute. A spout that low only fills short glasses. In order to pour into a large glass, you must place the juicer atop stacked phone books, which is precarious.

The most frustrating problem is the required assembly and dis-assembly. It must be cleaned directly after use, because the mesh strainer traps food particles. There are six parts to be unscrewed, with an included crescent tool required to turn the blade. If the pulp collector is not placed just right, in the back of the machine, juice and pulp can slip out the back, causing a mess.

Since this is a centrifugal juicer, it cannot handle leafy greens like kale or spinach. They cause the motor to stall and sometimes to the point of it smoking. This juicer is only average, when it comes to being a good buy. It is more hassle than not.

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