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Juiceman Juicer Review

Juiceman Juicer ReviewOverview

Juiceman Juicer is a 2-speed electric machine that is attractive and sleek and provides a nice sized container to catch the juice and pour it into other glasses. There are several models priced inexpensively, all under $100. The all-in-one convenient design means less assembly and disassembly required compared to competitor’s models. [Buy on Amazon]

Juicer Features

Here are some features of Juiceman Juicer:

  • Permanent Mesh filter and filter basket is made of stainless steel.
  • Pulp container is extra-large and integrated within the machine, rather than a separate unit.
  • There is a safety-lock switch.
  • The juice jug holds 3/4-quarts of juice.
  • Includes a filter cleaning brush.
  • Is safe to clean in the dishwasher due to removable parts.
  • High or Low speed controls are accessible.
  • Spout snaps up avoid dripping.
  • Cord storage is built-in.
  • Citrus juicer attachment is included.
  • Pushers available in small and large sizes depending on the size of fruit or vegetable.
  • Large mouth chute avoids time-consuming pre-cutting in order to fit.

Technical Specs

This juicer works on 800-watts, 1.1 HP, and 2-speed settings.

Our Review

The new stainless steel design is more attractive than the Juiceman Jr was and is fairly easy to take apart for cleaning and reassembling. It is great to have a decent size jug to hold the juice. This is preferred to switching out small glasses while the juice flows to avoid spilling on the counter. If you like to make fresh squeezed orange or grape juice in the mornings, the citrus juicer attachment is a nice twist. This is definitely not something their competitors include.

Well the old saying you get what you pay for can certainly be applied here. Despite some of the positive attributes and the improvements over the Juiceman Jr of years ago, Juiceman still has a way to go. When you consider factors like durability, this juicer falls short of the mark. It is OK for sporadic juicing, but for regulars who juice from once a day to twice a week, it just cannot hold up to that. It is very loud, especially compared to some other brands. It is common for replacement parts to be on back order and take many weeks to arrive. For people who juice religiously this can be enough to bring on a panic attack.

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