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3 Simple Juicing Recipes For The Beginner

Did you just invest in a juicer for the first time and are excited to get started with juicing? Congratulations. Juicing will improve your health and overall quality of life if you stay dedicated to it and make juicing a part of your daily health routine.

green-juice-spinachGreen Energy Juice

Vegetables Needed:

Spinach, lettuce (dark green), celery & parsley.

Fruit Needed:

Green apples

The Recipe:

Juice two cups of spinach, five leaves of lettuce, one cup of parsley and two large apples. This recipe will give you a lot of energy during your day and also give your body an excellent dose of antioxidants that it needs.

If this recipe is hard for you to drink, you should add some honey to it because; honey is one of the best natural ways to sweeten anything up, especially vegetable drinks.

FBeginner Juicing Recipesruit / Vegetable Juice

Juicing doesn’t always work when you mix fruits and vegetables together but it does work great when you mix apples and carrots with each other.

Vegetables Needed:

Six carrots. Don’t chop off the tops of the carrots, leave them on, this step is important because, the top of the carrot contains a lot of vitamins and nutrients.

Fruit Needed:

One large apple and one lemon.

The Recipe:

Juice six carrots, one apple and the lemon together then add a one inch slice of ginger root to add a little flavor on top. This recipe will provide you with a great energy boost for the mornings or afternoon so you aren’t tempted to drink a soda or cup of coffee.  This is one of our favorite beginner juicing recipes.

strawberry-bannana-juiceBreakfast Juice Smoothie

If you want something that’s sweet and delightful to drink in the morning with breakfast, here’s a great recipe that will leave you with a smile on your face before going to work.

Fruit needed:

Grapefruit, banana, oranges, and strawberries.

The Recipe:

Juice the  two large oranges. Add the orange juice, banana and strawberry to a blender. You can also add a little bit of yogurt to make it more like a smoothie and some honey to make it sweet.


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